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Sample Flip of the Week: 50 Cent – “Hustler’s Ambition” (Prod. by B-Money “B$”)


Vintage 50 flow and vocal-stabbing B-Money production carries film soundtrack.

50 Cent was unstoppable after the release of his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. The hungry Queens-bred rapper finally broke out commercially, to a tune of 872,000 copies in his first week. Led by songs like, “21 Questions, “In Da Club,” and “Many Men,” it seemed like there wasn’t a radio station who wouldn’t play his album. Especially in New York. It didn’t matter what borough you were from, we all supported 50 Cent. Kids rhymed his songs on the playground and the streets ate it up, too. Following Get Rich or Die Tryin’, 50 began working on a semi-autobiographical film and his new album.

Two years later, armed with his own label (G-Unit Records), 50 would release his second album, The Massacre (another commercial success). The Massacre sold 1.14 million copies in just four days. Although The Massacre’s album quality is often debatable, those numbers are still impressive. Later that year, the film Get Rich or Die Tryin’ was released. The accompanying soundtrack did not disappoint. Featuring “Hustler’s Ambition,” “Best Friend, and “Window Shopper,” the soundtrack did fairly well in it’s own right. But “Hustler’s Ambition” has always been a fan favorite.

Released as the first single from the soundtrack for the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ film, “Hustler’s Ambition” features production from B-Money and a soulful vocal-stabbing sample flip of Frankie Beverly and Maze. 50 Cent showcases the sly and aggressive flow we’ve grown to love. But on this song that we hear a versatile, hungry, and polished 50. It’s this balance that garnered a positive reception from critics, many citing a more diverse sound than in recent years.

50 Cent – “Hustler’s Ambition” (Prod. by B-Money “B$”)

Maze Ft. Frankie Beverly – “I Need You”

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