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Check This: Carl Navy – “Can’t Hide Love” (Prod. by Laronisaloser)


Unearthing a quality sample is worth the pay off.

Flipping music from the ’70s isn’t an easy feat. Sampling well-known artists from this era, and doing it well, is another challenge. Finding SourceMaterial is another barrier; but let’s say you find the perfect piece of music, then, what do you do? How do you unearth that gem, or build a song around the right sample(s)? Well, if you need an example of how it’s done, look no further than “Can’t Hide Love.” Produced by Brooklyn-bred beatmaker Laronisaloser, “Can’t Hide Love,” makes good use of it’s SourceMaterial. With Laronisloser’s beat and Carl’s vocals, the track was born. Carl glides over the vocal stabbing, boom-pap-hybrid beat for three minutes, navigating it’s numerous changes and delivering a promising outcome. Laronisaloser’s production shines and Carl honors it the right way.

The music and video below is presented here for the purpose of scholarship.

Carl Navy – “Can’t Hide Love”(prod. by Laronisaloser)

Carl Navy – By Far

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