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Check This: Najjee – “Letters of Incarceration” (Prod. by Judah Hex)


Najjee and Hex release their first album together.

Najjee, formerly of The Krookz collective, has focused more on his solo career recently. Over the past few months, he’s linked up with fellow Brooklyn-based producer Judah Hex. There collaborations have covered everything from trap to soul sample-based music. The Najjee and Hex connection has produced a slew of solid tracks like, “Drive Slow, Smooth Sailing, and “Players Club.” All of which can be found on their new album, Feathers of the Phoenix. Here, on “Letters of Incarceration,” Najjee flows over a sample-based beat, offering a measured-tone and vivid jail-letter rap editorial.

The music and video below is presented here for the purpose of scholarship.

Najjee – “Letters of Incarceration” (prod. by Judah Hex)

Najjee – ‘Feathers of the Phoenix’

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