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Check This: Kalim – “mg” (Prod. by Ghanaian Stallion)


Kalim gets ready to release debut album Odyssey 579.

Kalim is a rapper from Hamburg, Germany. With his mixtape “Sechs Kronen” back in 2014, he showed his unpretentious street rap for the first time. Shortly after, he signed with Alles Oder Nix Records. His debut album titled “odyssey 579” is scheduled to be released October 28th. According to the tracklist, the album is almost exclusively produced by David Crates, who also produced parts of the “Sechs Kronen” mixtape. The only track not by David Crates, is also the first single and is produced by Ghanaian Stallion, Beatmaker/ DJ from Berlin and currently Germany’s most busiest producer, who is primarily known for his production for the Berlin rapper Megaloh. The song, titled “mg”, is what I would call a “quiet banger”. No fanfare necessary. Along with the video, it makes for a solid album announcement.

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