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DJ Kayslay – “Thug Love” feat. Maino, Pappoose, Red Café, and Ray J


Dope Sample Chops Mark This Smooth Hip Hop/Rap Banger


One dimension of the beauty of hip hop/rap is that even the most purposefully “pop” opus can still rep the essence of the beatmaking tradition. DJ Kayslay’s well-assisted “Thug Love” is not only an excellent example of the hip hop/rap and modern “R&B” marriage, it’s a perfect demonstration of well-executed sample chops.

“Thug Love” features components of a well-known 1980s singer’s most notable singles. The way the beatmaker of the beat for “Thug Love” uses pieces and stabs of this 80s hit actually makes it kind of sound 1970-ish. Dope! The guitar-stab landing on the 1 and the 3 keeps the beat move steady, and the clips of the violin sample fading in and out are absolutely sick. Finally, the drums anchor the entire beat very well. Reason why? Because the drum framework is simple and straightforward. I’m not sure if Kayslay made this beat or not, but whoever created this heater knows full well how to understate the drumwork when necessary.

For educational purposes…

DJ Kayslay – “Thug Love” feat. Maino, Pappoose, Red Café, and Ray J

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