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Bink Shares A Few Jewels


VA Beatmaker (Producer) Drops Science On Everything From Gear To Drums

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

I find that most beatmakers are worth listening to; you can’t be narrow-minded as to where a quality jewel will come from. But then there are some beatmakers who deserved to be listened closely to. Such is the case with Bink.

Bink, perhaps the most underrated beatmaker (producer) of our time, has in fact been quietly building up a catalog than spans not only several important eras but also many pivotal recording artists. So any interview that he does is bound to shed a few jewels. And fortunately, in his sit-down with PMPWorldwide he delivered. In this video, Bink speaks on his beginning with the ASR-10; how he was influenced by New York beatmakers as well as the unique “rhythms” of the DMV; sampling soul; sample clearance and why he’s willing to give up 100% of his publishing; and more. (Editor’s note: The BeatTips Manual includes a detailed breakdown of sample clearance and its complex process.)

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PMPWORLDWIDE.COM – BINK! Platinum producer Bink! chops it up with the PMP

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