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BeatTips MusicStudy: The Beat – “I Confess,” Up-Tempo 2-Tone Classic


Lyrics, Drums, and Horns Collide For Dope Ska Song

By Amir Ali Said

The Beat (The English Beat) is certainly one of my favorite soul/ska bands. My father (Sa’id) and I have a greatest hits album that we always listen to. It’s really hard to maneuver through the CD because we like every song. We both have many favorites; “Mirror in the Bathroom,” “Twist & Crawl,” “Save It For Later,” “Too Nice To Talk To,” and many others. But, my favorite song is “I Confess.”

“I Confess” starts off with a high-pitched piano riff. Then slow tempo rhythmic drums come into the picture, along with some vocals. For the chorus, the song goes into an up-tempo relaxed mode. Horns are coming in and out, and the bass guitar stays strong in the backdrop. The drums are moving all around, and the song has a nice swing to it. Another highlight of the song is the vocals.

Dave Wakeling’s vocals in all of The Beat’s songs are energetic. In almost every song, he has a touch that makes you think about any and everything when listening. In “I Confess” his tone is up-tempo and almost sad. He’s singing about how he ruined a couple lives, and now he realized he ruined his as well. That base of the lyrics is incredibly cool.

The Beat had three albums together, and a number of singles. Most of those singles made their way onto the Beat’s best hits album that Pop and I have. Since the first time I heard the Beat, I liked their sound and the unity in the songs. The Beat is certainly a group to be studied because of their music. In those three albums the Beat illustrated Jazz, Funk, and Ska effortlessly. Unfortunately, The Beat broke up in 1983, after their final album, Special Beat Service. Although The Beat broke up in 1983, they are one of my favorite groups and the songs they had together are to be remembered.

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The Beat (aka The English Beat) – “I Confess”

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