The code of the beat.

BeatTips is about “the code of the beat” — everything within and related to the culture of beatmaking. This means we are deeply dedicated to the study of music, especially within the context of the beatmaking (hip hop production) and hip hop/rap music traditions. So in addition to spotlighting the art of beatmaking, the art of sampling, and foundational music forms such as jazz, funk, and soul, we do long-form feature writing that covers various topics within this loop of culture, with emphasis placed on classic hip hop of the past, present, and future.

BeatTips Contributors

Founder/Publisher/Editor-In-Chief  Amir Said (Sa’id)
Assistant Publisher/Managing Editor  Amir Ali Said (Ali bin Sa’id)
Senior Editor G. Ferguson
Editor Oliver Wang
Senior Writer/Euro Beat Editor Mariella Gross
Contributing Writer Dave Walker (Imperial)


The short story is that began in 2004 as my personal website/blog. It was (and still is) a place for me to publish my thoughts online about beatmaking and hip hop/rap music, and all of my other music interests as well. As I expanded my book, The BeatTips Manual, grew in scope and detail as well, becoming a more focused blog. In 2008, I re-launched Now three years later, I’ve further expanded The BeatTips Manual, writing my most comprehensive edition to date, and has also evolved to a much broader online publication.

The long story is that grew from my desire to further expand upon what I had started with the publication of my book, the The BeatTips Manual. And thus the story begins there…

Eight years ago, I published the very first edition of The BeatTips™ Manual. At that time, I was going through some turbulent situations; and during those uncertain moments in 2001, I was able to find solace in spending time with my son, Amir, and in making beats. It was during this period in my life that it became very important for me to document everything that I knew about beats. Specifically, I wanted to preserve my knowledge about hip hop/rap in general, and beatmaking in particular, for my son, who at the time was turning 5 years old.

From the onset of this highly personal endeavor, I promised myself that I would meticulously record everything that I did, saw, heard and generally learned about beatmaking and the hip hop/rap production process. After 30 yellow legal size note pads, I felt that I had created the ultimate beatmaking guide for my son. Shortly thereafter, I poured over revisions, drafting all of my notes into one cohesive reference journal. A reference journal that I hoped would one day nurture my son’s understanding of beatmaking and the hip hop-rap production process, and it’s impact on modern music and popular culture. After reviewing the first several sections of this reference with my son, he and I both thought that it would be a good idea to share what I had created for him with the rest of the world. Thus, I decided to develop and transform this highly personal reference journal into a book for anyone interested in learning about beatmaking. Hence, The BeatTips™ Manual was born!

In 2002, I published the very first edition of the BeatTips Manual–the first book dedicated entirely to beatmaking ever be published. Then in 2003, I published the third edition of the BeatTips Manual; at the same time I launched (an ode to the name of my family’s company, Superchamp) was my first serious attempt at operating an internet property. It featured just a few of the ideas that would later become staples and trademarks of what I do now. I maintained until 2004, when I converted it to

Since 2004, The BeatTips Manual has gone through countless updates and two major changes. What initially began as just a “support site” for the BeatTips Manual, has morphed into its own resource. And though operates with the nimbleness that only an internet enterprise could provide I’m humbled to say that it still has the heart & soul of the very first beatmaking reference journal I that I made for my son…That will never change.
—Amir Said (Sa’id),