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Check This: King Shampz – “Murder Art” (Prod. by Azzan)


Philly brothers turn paint brushes to hammers with “Murder Art.”

King Shampz and his brother Azzan, a powerful duo from Philadelphia, are doing it the DIY way nicely with their record label Dead Wrong Records. To date, they’ve produced two mixtapes, All Hail The King (2014), and King of Kings (2012). Both projects made noise in their hometown and garnered some attention online (25,000 downloads on DatPiff) In the duo, Azzan handles the production (and occasionally rhymes) while Shampz covers the rhymes.

Here, on “Murder Art,” a song about how beef and crime are handled in the hood, Shampz showcases his deft rhyme skills and Azzan proves he’s dope with the beats.

The music and video below is presented here for the purpose of scholarship.

King Shampz – “Murder Art” (Prod. by Azzan)

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