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Check This: Megaloh – Regenmacher Tour live


Megaloh live on Tour for his latest album Regenmacher (Rain maker):

Last weekend, while I was on a 2-day trip to Vienna, I had the chance to see the German rapper Megaloh perform. It was the second to last show of his “Regenmacher Tour” and it didn’t seem as he or anyone part of the team had lost steam on the 12 show run.

Unfortunately I missed some of Chima Ede’s performance, who opened up the evening. However, Chima did a great job warming up the crowd and presenting songs of his latest EP “Principium” and his previous release “2023”.

After a very short break Megaloh took the stage. From beginning to end his energy and crowd engagement was top level. He performed a good amount of songs of his latest album “Regenmacher”, as well as from his debut “Endlich Unendlich”. In addition, he made sure he gave his fans the tracks “Live MCs” (including a guest appearance by Amewu), “Rap ist”, “Sie wissen Bescheid”, “Whiskey Cola” and parts of his mix tape trilogy “Auf Ewig”.

Since nowadays one is used to see rappers spit over their own vocals (especially many contemporary US artists) or tracks being performed in a marathon fashion – only playing the first verse and maybe the hook -, it was extremely refreshing to see Megaloh perform. Besides his highly technical skills and striking voice, he has the charisma and energy to keep the audience captivated from beginning to end.
His DJ and producer, Ghanaian Stallion, was just as on point. They seem to be a very well versed team and the comparison to the legendary “Gang Starr” becomes more and more inevitable if you check the production credits on Megaloh’s catalogue.

Megaloh also had the support of two live musicians on stage: a trumpet player and a saxophone player. Personally, I have to say, I’m usually not a fan of live instruments as part of a rap performance (with the exception of The Roots), however I have to admit that the live instrumentation was very well incorporated and made a great addition to the performance, especially on the songs “Regenmacher” and “Loser” & “Wer hat die Hitze?”.

Besides the guest performance of Amewu, Megaloh also brought along the young, charismatic Berlin MC Musa, who is featured on two tracks on Regenmacher as well as on the track “100”. Based on what I saw on Saturday, one should look forward to more stuff being released by him.

If you happen to be in Germany at some point and get a chance to see Megaloh perform, do your rap-loving-self a favor and go check him out. You don’t have to understand German to enjoy the show.

Below is a snippet of Megaloh performing “Rap ist”:

Megaloh, Musa, Chima Ede – “100” (produced by Ghanaian Stallion):

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