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Check This: King Bliss – “Money Mantra” (Prod. by Bes Kept)


Toronto native drops impressive debut single.

King Bliss is a rapper from Toronto, Canada. However, his music is a stark contrast to the popular sound in that city, especially this year. Rhyming over a sample-based beat on “Money Mantra,” he delivers a series of questions for his audience. The track operates as an inspiration for the common man trying to make money. While listing a number of vices and ways to get cash, he asks “What you gon do for money?” With a soulful debut like this, I expect his upcoming album Knowledge is (the) New Gangsta to deliver more of the same.

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King Bliss – “Money Mantra” (prod. by Bes Kept)

King Bliss – “Money Mantra” (prod. by Bes Kept)

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