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Check This: Jerreau – “Champagne (Ohh Baby)” (Prod. by Sport)


Jerreau proves he’s ready for a career of his own on Never How You Plan.

Jerreau is forging a path of his own. The Columbus, Ohio native, formerly of hip hop duo Fly Union, released his debut solo project in April. The 14-track album, titled Never How You Plan, has released to early approval. Led by his lone single, “Really Got It,” Never How You Plan has a strong supporting cast. Tracks like “Make A Play,” “The Flow,” and “Champagne” flank the rhythmic album. Never How You Plan is full of Jerreau’s life experiences, soulful production, and relatable lyricism. One of the standout tracks, “Champagne,” clocks in at track 13. Produced by Sport, the soul-sample-based beat serves as the perfect foundation for Jerreau’s career reflections. “Champange” serves as an example of how complete the project is when the second-to-last song makes an impression.

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Jerreau – “Champange (Ohh Baby)”

Jerreau – Never How You Plan

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