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Check This: Bigg Dogg – “Give and Take” (Prod. by Cassius Clay)


Dogg rhymes and croons over a Cassius Clay produced beat.

At only 21, Bigg Dogg has steadily increased his profile amongst New York emcees and across the country. Recently, he released the video for one of his lead tracks, “Give and Take” off of his new The1stFourty8 mixtape. Rhyming over a Cassius Clay produced beat, Dogg aims to educate his listeners about the cause and effect’s of life. In his video, he takes the song’s message a step further. Shot more like a short-film, “Give and Take” features two main characters and a supporting cast that exemplifies it’s message.

The music and video below is presented here for the purpose of scholarship.

Bigg Dogg – “Give and Take” (prod. by Cassius Clay)

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