The code of the beat.

Why Do You Make Beats?


We All Have Our Own Reasons for Making Beats, But Being Clear and Upfront About them Goes a Long Way


Because you’re compelled to create?
Because it helps you cope with life?
Because you want to make money?
Because you want to share ideas?
Because you want to provide fuel for other creative people?
Because you want to get girls?
Because you want to be one of the best who ever did it?
Because you want your musical voice heard?
Because it’s the best way you know how to expess yourself?
Because it makes you feel good?
Because it keeps you sane?
Because it keeps you sober?
Because it’s your best chance to avoid an office job?
Because it’s an escape from your office job?
Because you’re a better person when you make it?
Because you want to be part of the continuum of well-respected music makers?
Because you think today’s music is lousy and you want to help change that?
Because you think today’s music is great and you want to contribute that?
Because you want to go on tour?
Because you want a blog write-up?
Because it’s what you were meant to do?
Because you bought all the gear to do it?
Because someone told you that you couldn’t do it?
Because you can’t see your existence without it?
Because you want to be a part of hip hop/rap culture?
Because it’s your favorite hobby?
Because it’s how you earn your living?
Because you like being told that you make dope beats?
Because it’s the only good thing you know how to do?
Because it keeps you out of trouble?
Because it helps you with your other talents?
Because it’s fun?
Because it’s challenging?
Because it’s cool?

Whatever your reason(s), be clear and honest about it. Only then will you be able to appreciate and deal with the consequences of your purpose(s).

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  • Bing

    Don’t do it for the girls! Making beats actually takes away from time with them. Lol.