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Maintaining Quality Beat Control: The Importance of Purging


Purging Your Beats For Unnecessary Elements


Having completed a new beat, embrace the realization that not everything that you assembled belongs! Some things must be removed in order to make the beat really “cook.” Do not get attached to the time or effort that you invested into a beat. What counts is whether it’s dope or not. To that end, it’s always important to review your beats for parts that you can and should purge.

For Example
Let’s say you like that new hi-hat that you just compressed and made sound fantastic? Well, make sure that it sounds fantastic right along with ALL the other elements within the beat. Be careful that you don’t get drawn into it’s individual sound. Some things that sound good alone may not always sound good in conjunction with other sounds. Purging your beats is a necessary step in quality control. Furthermore, it helps you find the “heart” of a beat.

BeatTip: Most Important Things to Purge
Elements that smother and neutralize the effect and nuance of your drums.

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