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BeatTips MusicStudy: Big Remo feat. 9thMatic – “Go”


With Big Remo—and a Beat Assist from M-Phazes—9th Wonder Scores Again with His IWWMG Line Up


There are some things that deserve to be embraced on GP (General Principle). Such is the case with proven beatmaker and vanguard label head 9th Wonder. Rather than rest on his Little Brother laurels or his Jay-Z and Beyoncé placements, 9th Wonder has steadfastly committed himself to bringing shine to other rappers. Here, tapping the apparently deep well of North Carolina rhymers, 9th presents the IWWMG (It’s a Wonderful World Music Group) artist Big Remo.

First thing you notice about Big Remo is that he doesn’t sound like he’s from North Carolina…or perhaps better stated: Big Remo doesn’t sound like what some intentionally exaggerated country slang rappers may have you believe. Indeed, Big Remo, like many current rappers haling from North Carolina, has a delivery that bares his obvious New York influence as well as his mid-South roots. Remo flows with a harsh, break-bones rasp of a voice, enunciating each word with the natural bravado of a street veteran.

And while 9th Wonder only lends his vocals on this joint—doing more than just a commendable job—, it is M-Phazes who handles the beatwork. For the arrangement of this beat, M-Phazes works in strings that float ever-so delicately, giving off a feel of the opening sequence of a 1970s blaxpoitation flick. And the core groove, which rests on the back of what I reckon is a sampled break, is flanked by timely sound stabs and various pieces of one-hit percussion. Dope!

Finally, I want to give props to 9th Wonder for demonstrating how to handle business, particularly for having the wherewithal to allow room for other beatmakers to contribute to IWWMG’s projects. With foresight like that and a powerful starting line up, IWWMG is certainly poised to be the next marquee indie hip hop/rap label. I hope so…

The music video below is presented here for the purpose of scholarship.

BIG REMO ft. 9THMATIC – GO (Directed by Kenneth Price)

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