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9th Wonder and Cutlass Reid Show Off “Eviction Notice”


With Cutlass Reid feature, 9th Wonder Continues His Series of Dope In-Studio Close-Ups


For the past year or so, 9th Wonder (who I have an exclusive interview with in The BeatTips Manual) has been giving a number of in-studio close-ups that feature him and often others as they proceed through various stages of the music making and recording process. Although this video certainly continues that line of 9th Wonder centered videos, where it excels is in how it features rapper Cutlass Reid and 9th Wonder on the mic. Yes, for those who are yet to be aware, 9th Wonder also rhymes…and he’s pretty solid with it. And take heed to 9th’s move to the mic, as I long-maintained the time for the era of the dope beatmaker/rapper to begin is now!

The music and video below is presented here for the purpose of scholarship.

9th Wonder X Cutlass Reid – the Making of “Eviction Notice”

9th Wonder X Cutlass Reid – The Making of “Eviction Notice” from Monsee' on Vimeo.

*Editor’s Note: The BeatTips Manual contains one of the most detailed and expansive interviews with 9th Wonder to date.

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