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Pete Rock’s Drums Makes Kanye’s “Runaway” Soar


Beatmaking Pioneer Talks Upcoming Projects; Says Kanye Sampled his Drum Work for the Making of “Runaway.”


Any nugget of a jewel that beatmaking pioneers offer up is a good thing. Unfortunately, the Hip Hop Chronicle Exclusive Pete Rock video interview (covered below) is short on jewels in the area of the “how to” variety. But that being said, this video is interesting still the same. For one thing, Pete Rock drops a couple of names that he will be featuring on his half of the announced (but date uncertain) Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier album. Also, PR concedes that DJ Premier is both a major influence and competition. That’s a real jewel, as respect and admiration for the competition has always been a hallmark of the “hip hop sensibility” (The BeatTips Manual contains a detailed analysis of the “hip hop sensibility.)”

Finally, Pete Rock drops a surprise when he says that Kanye told him that for his song “Runaway” (from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), he sampled his [Pete Rock’s] drums from a Pete Rock & CL Smooth album. Does this mean that Pete Rock is in line for royalties, or was the matter resolved when Pete Rock gave Kanye the beat for “Joy” (a dope song curiously left off of Kanye’s latest LP, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)? Perhaps. I don’t think a pioneer like Pete Rock would pursue action against another beatmaker (producer) who sampled a drum pattern he created. Plus, I gotta (or at least, I want to) believe that Pete Rock was compensated for the “Joy” beat in some form. Either way, “Joy” was a good look for both Pete Rock and Kanye West, which means that it was also a very good look for beatmaking.

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*EXCLUSIVE* Pete Rock On DJ Premier & CL Smooth Album, Producing (via The Hip Hop Chronicle UK)

Kanye West – “Runaway” [Reportedly featuring the drum work of Pete Rock]

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