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iPad as Handy Music Production Tool


Using the iPad as Wireless MIDI Controller


Continuing their support of the electronic music production community, computer and hi-tech electronics maker Apple has added MIDI control functionality to the capabilities arsenal of their recently launched iPad. Upon first hearing the news, I envisioned such usage of the iPad in a mobile setting. However, the various videos that I’ve seen thus far detail the iPad in use as a MIDI controller within a static studio setting.

So does iPad’s bonus power mean that some beatmakers will replace their favorite keyboard/drum pad MIDI controllers with the iPad? Probably not. But for users of the Logic DAW (also by Apple), the iPad just might come in handy. In the videos below, both by electronic music producer and all-around tech guy Noe Ruiz (@Ecken on Twitter), the iPad is used similar to how Digidesign’s table top (non-rackmount) hardware interface works with its Pro Tools software. The first video is really a demo of the iPad at work, and I must say, it looks quite impressive. The second video is more of the “nuts and bolts” of how to set up the iPad to work with Logic.

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Making Music with the iPad, video via videopixil – How to Use iPad as Midi Controller for Logic, video via videopixil

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  • doclvly

    there are sooo many apps available rivaling hardware, seriously. Its getting crazy. The only ones I use currently (on my ipod touch) are nanostudio, and beatmaker. The ladder of which is waiting for a HUGE update. There are soo many weird programs available that are getting more and more “professional.” Korg recently Re-made the MS20 with extras, and Moog maid there first ever software, skipping over macs and pc’s all together, and going for the ipod touch, and im sure droid soon after.
    Akai’s already making dedicated hardware, but i’m currently pissed at them. I’m having a headache with their apc40, and i already refused (after much effort fixing it) a mpd24 a friend tried to give to me.
    Regardless I think sleeping on the Mobile software right now would be crazy, the software is available at a MUCH cheaper price point and offers a playground for creative ideas because of how many apps shitty or not are available.
    Shit even the instrument tunners are awesome.
    Not to mention there’s also vocal beater which turns beatbox into midi!

  • doclvly,
    As far mobile gear functionality, I complete agree with you. The sheer number of emerging powerful mobile music production tools is astonishing. And although this new wave a gear certainly rivals (in some cases surpasses) the functionality of hardware solutions, I’m not sure what sort of effect a new form of “mobile” beatmaking will have on the experience of making music. Do you think that there will be some sort of disconnect for those musicians who tap full throttle into these emerging mobile music production tools?

  • doclvly

    haha p.s. New free gorillas album announced, mad entirely on an ipad.