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Hasan Insane Drops New Miguel “All I Want Is You” Remix


Talented Beatmaker/Producer and Perennial Remixer Continues Streak of Dope Remixes


What more does Hasan Insane have to prove? Will somebody step up and give him the look he deserves, already!

Hasan Insane has consistently been making musical waves in circles inside of New YorK and online for a while now. In fact, I’ve been listening to (studying) Hasan’s work for nearly three years; and I have yet to hear even one misstep.

The guy is a pro, make no mistake about it. His beats, as stand alone products, are solid. But where he has really shined in recent years is in the remix arena. There, Hasan is steadily proving to be one of the most inventive remixers of our time.

A solid interpolator of lyrics and song scopes, Hasan Insane recontextualizes everything he touches with a deft sense of arrangement and keen feel for mood. His remixes don’t merely retread common vocals of well-known recording artists, instead, they rework the entire essence of the original lyrical performance. This is why when you hear a Hasan Insane remix, you often swear that it’s a new song (and in fact, it actually often is).

Yesterday, Hasan hit me with his latest work, a remix of “All I Want Is You” by Miguel ft. Lloyd Banks, and once again, he’s managed to completely change the contour and feel of the original. This time around, Hasan pulls off the unthinkable: He makes a hip hop/rap influenced R&B joint sound, well, more R&B’ish. This may be new territory for Hasan Insane, as I’ve yet to hear any other R&B flavored joints from him, but I think it’s a good look. Present here is Hasan’s usual good timing and a new-found command of subtle nuance. Only gripe that I have with Hasan’s latest remix is with the leveling of Lloyd Banks’ vocals (they sound too distant and disconnected). Other than that, this is yet another demonstration of Hasan Insane’s exceptional talent.

Miguel – All I Want Is You (Hasan Insane Remix)

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