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BeatTips MusicStudy: Sauce Money – “Snipershot”


Slept On Rhyme Veteran Torches Sample-Based Heat Rock


When it comes to rhymin’, bravado is half the equation. I’m not talking manufactured confidence or contrived swagger that many rappers these days are wearing. I’m talking about the gusto that only comes from real life experience. Hardship. Joy. Pain. Vindication. Disappointment. Second chances. You know, the stuff that gives you character. And character has always been what ultimately drives one rapper down one path versus another.

On “Snipershot,” the venerable rapper Sauce Money displays his character: straight forward, Brooklyn street corner vet, with little known—but major—credentials attached to his music career. Over this filthy, absolutely sick sample-based banger (dig them horns), Sauce Money delivers a meat and potatoes rhyme that is semi-confessional, semi-braggadocious, and ALL bravado.

*Note: If you know who made this beat, hit me up.

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Sauce Money – “Snipershot” Music Video

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