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BeatTips MusicStudy: O.C. Feat. Yvette Michelle – “Far From Yours”


Unassuming Beat, but Intensely Hip Hop/Rap

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

One of the better marriages between hip hiop/rap music and contemporary R&B ever recorded, “Far From Yours” is one of favorite songs (any genre) of all time. There are a number of things that I dig about this song. The understated yet confident rhyme tone that O.C. takes; the well-chosen drum scheme; the mix of the vocals—not too out in front; the gripping mood of the track… dope!

From the O.C. album Jewelz (1997), this was the lead single. On an album packed with street-based hip hop/rap, this song was perhaps put together with the hopes of O.C. cracking more radio play. Still, because of O’s consistent rhyme flow and the solid beatwork—complete with hook scratches, this song was never labeled a “radio” joint, and rightfully so.

For educational purposes…

O.C. feat. Yvette Michelle – “Far from Yours”

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