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DJ Premier Video Salute Offers Great Perspective On His Love For Music


The Narrative Of Part Of Premier’s Pedigree Told Over Timeless Images And Sounds

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

One of the most engaging videos I’ve seen thus far…
This video, which actually uses a past interview of DJ Premier (sorry, I don’t know for whom or when) as the narrator, tells part of the story of how Premier came to love not just music, but records and even turntables. Video also features a rotating slide of images and a medley of snippets of songs produced by DJ Premier. Each image—both stills and other video segments—suspends Premier’s indelible mark on the hip hop/rap music and beatmaking traditions, reminding you just how robust and excellent his beat/song catalog really is. And each snippet—one surgically overlapping the other—presents a strong case for what many believe: that DJ Premier is (and perhaps will always be) the greatest beatmaker of all time.

For educational purposes…

A Man of a few Words…DJ Premier (via Gimantalon)

(Editor’s note: For those interested, The BeatTips Manual includes an exclusive interview with DJ Premier that gives even more details about his story as well as a close-up of his methods and processes.)

Editor’s question:
Is DJ Premier the greatest hip hop/rap beatmaker (producer) of all time?

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