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BeatTips MusicStudy And Diggers Goldmine: MFSB – “Sunnin’ and Funnin'”


Silky Smooth Mid-Tempo Soul; Delicate Arrangement with Subtle Force

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

For educational purposes

MFSB – “Sunnin’ and Funnin’”

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About Author

Amir Said (aka Sa’id) is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of BeatTips. A writer, publisher, and beatmaker/rapper from New York, Said is the author of a number of books, including ‘The BeatTips Manual,’ ‘The Art of Sampling,’ ‘Ghetto Brother,’ and ‘The Truth About New York.’ He is also a recording artist with a number of music projects, including his latest album 'The Best of Times.' Follow him on Twitter at: @amirsaid and @BeatTipsManual

  • Mariella

    wow – she knows what she wants – Gang Starr