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Bob James Says Sampling, In Some Cases, Is The Best Of All Possible Worlds


Famed Jazz Fusion Artist And Sampling Mainstay, Discusses His Views On The Art Of Sampling In Hip Hop/Rap Music

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

I’ve been diggin’ thru and for records since I was a little kid. My parents, like most (if not all) other black urban dwellers of the late 1970s and early 1980s, had a quality vinyl record collection. And since my mother was an avid Motown fan and my father a strong Stax supporter, their collection—together—was massive. Indeed, when I became conscious of “diggin’ in the crates,” I went about packing their collection into separate milk crates. Total count of milk crates from that weekend? 15.

Even though I had thought that I was a kind of a serious digger, I really wasn’t. But when I turned 19, and started actually listening to ALL of the records in my parents collection, I realized that I had a hunger for more. And thus, began my first real trips to used vinyl stores, Salvation Army stores, Goodwill stores, garage sells, and vinyl record conventions. And early on, there was one record that I felt I had to have: Bob James’ One.

Bob James’s music has been sampled by a bevy of beatmakers, and one song in particular, “Nautilus,” has received a number of dope transformations. So for me, any interview with Bob James—a musician I truly admire—is well worth watching. But a Bob James interview in which he (1) reconciles his views on the art of sampling in hip hop/rap; (2) discusses sampling in a creative context; and (3) sheds light on how he structured his record contracts, after his departure from the CTI label? Aw, man, that’s absolutely priceless!

For educational purposes…

Bob James Interview (via Mixery Raw Deluxe)

For educational purposes…

Bob James – “Nautilus” (from the album One, (1974)

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