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Kickstarting Hip Hop/Rap All Over Again


If You Had to Restart Hip Hop/Rap Music, Who Would You Choose?

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

For the past four years or so, talk has been brewing about the need to “take hip hop/rap music back.” Although I sympathize (partly) with this sentiment, I can’t help but wonder who are the people calling for the “take back,” and what would they do, once they took it back? So it got me thinking: If hip hop/rap music was indeed about to be over, and it was up to me (or you) to choose just three DJs, three beatmakers, and three rappers—from any era—to restart it, who would I (you) choose? Well, after some (really) serious thought, here’s who I would choose.

Three DJs
Kool DJ Herc (ca. 1973-76)
Grandmaster Flash (ca. 1975-1983)
Afrika Bambaataa (1974-1983)

Three Beatmakers
DJ Marley Marl (ca. 1985-1992)
DJ Premier (ca. 1989-present)
DJ Toomp (ca. 1992-present)

Three Rappers
Grandmaster Caz (ca. 1977-1983)
KRS-One (ca. 1986-1990)
Nas (ca. 1993-1994)


If you had to restart hip hop/rap music, who would you choose?

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