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Gamble & Huff Break Down Realities Of Recording Industry, Give Advice To New Producers


Iconic Producers Stress The Importance Of Getting The Right Information

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

Gamble & Huff (Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff) were two of the most prolific music producers in the history of twentieth-century American popular music. Through their own label, Philadelphia International, Gamble & Huff orchestrated and personified the mighty soul sound known as the “Philly Sound.”

In 1971, Gamble & Huff started Philadelphia International Records. Throughout the balance of the 1970s, the pair worked jointly on songwriting and production for many of the biggest soul recording artists of the era. In their prime, you could stick any artist with Gamble & Huff, and it was a guarantee that that artist would improve 100% fold! When they produced for an artist, they didn’t just rent out their sound, like many of today’s prominent hip hop/rap production teams. On the contrary, Gamble & Huff lent their sound to an artist, and asked that artist to simply enhance it.

The team put together by Gamble & Huff also included arrangers Thom Bell (who grew up with Gamble in the same neighborhood) and Bobby Martin. And like Motown’s Funk Brothers, Philadelphia International Records’ house band, MFSB, (a rough-city group made up of Philly veteran studio session and road players), kept Gamble & Huff’s signature sound steady and ready with smooth time, velvet harmonies, and pulsating rhythm.

In the following video, Gamble & Huff press upon viewers the absolute importance of seeking out and getting the “right information.” They also contrast situations of their era with this one, and offer up their theories as to why producers/recording artists of today are less or more likely to be successful.

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