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Showbiz Drops Jewels, Plays Songs From ‘Godsville’


Beatmaking Pioneer Premiers New Cuts And Offers Timeless Advice To Beatmakers

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a listening party for DJ Muggs and Ill Bill’s new album, Kill Devil Hills. The event, which was held at DJ Premier’s studio, HeadQcourterz, was decent. Much of what I heard off of Kill Devil Hills was dope, especially “Chase Manhattan” f/ Raekwon. But for me, one of the biggest highlights of the night was building with beatmaking pioneer Showbiz (of Showbiz & AG fame).

After all the songs had been played from Kill Devil Hills, and after the invited music press had asked their questions, I sat down with Showbiz and got to build with him, and listened to a number of songs from Godsville, his upcoming album with KRS-One. Comprised of beats made up entirely by Showbiz, the album—from the five or so songs that I heard—is shaping up to be a solid project. After discussing the songs, and of course, beats, I gave Show my opinion on the joints that I heard; I even strongly recommended which cut he should go with as the lead single.

A couple of days after the listening party (and impromptu listening session), I came across this video of Showbiz premiering some of the same songs as well offering advice for beatmakers, in particular, the importance of developing your own signature sound and putting in significant time practicing your skills.

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