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Mac Miller’s “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” Gets Lord Finesse Assist


New Rapper Builds Buzz With 90s Beat; Does Mac Miller’s “Kool Aid” Sample Lord Finesse’s “Hip 2 Da Game, Or Merely References It?

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

Newcomer Mac Miller has recently drawn a buzz for his song “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza.” As far as rhymes go, there’s nothing particularly complex about the joint, mostly laid-back, post-Kanye rhyme architecture. But what seems not to be getting much attention is that the beat to Mac Miller’s “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” sounds eerily *similar* to Lord Finesse’s “Hip 2 Da Game.” This is worth mentioning, as the beat for “Kool Aid” is being lauded all-around as great production.

Either way, I’m glad to see Mac Miller tap into the essence of that sound that Lord Finesse helped to pioneer. Still, if the beats are indeed identical, then Lord Finesse deserves some credit, some where…or at least some of the celebration.

For educational purposes…

Mac Miller – “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza”

Lord Finesse – “Hip 2 Da Game”

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  • That is verrrrrrry similar… Unashamedly so, me thinks.

  • its OK! but what is the first beat? behind the KIDS sample? i cant remember it,. its not the same as the Lord Finesse is it?
    good call by the way. all i can hear is the awesome beat and the kids got a good voice and obviously great taste so i wish him well.

  • Jack

    I do not know if you realized but on Mac Miller’s album cover for K.I.D.S. he gave credit to Lord Finesse as the producer.



  • ronald

    who produces mac millers albums

  • bushnoh

    “its OK! but what is the first beat? behind the KIDS sample? i cant remember it,. its not the same as the Lord Finesse is it?”
    Its ‘Erule – Listen Up’

  • CS

    Rappers commonly use other people’s beats on mixtapes. Not a big deal, he has given Lord Finesse credit where credit is due. I mean lets be honest, how many rappers did a mixtape track to Lil’ Wayne’s A Milli?