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BeatTips Beat Battle April 2010 Winner: Dkelloway aka “DK”


Core TBC Member Has Triumphantly Arrived And Come Into His Own

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

DK, the winner of the BeatTips Beat Battle April 2010, put together his best beat yet.
In the previous BeatTips Beat Battle, DK had earned the Most Improved Award. But this go around, he took the crown with a beat that was absolutely master level work. And what makes DK’s win even more impressive is the fact that it is the direct result of his full commitment to an intense and extensive MusicStudy, plus his humble willingness to listen to constructive feedback, notes, and suggestions.

I’ve always believed that DK had the “ear,” the work ethic, and the commitment to be a dope beatmaker, and he proved it to me with his beat “Hitman for Hire.” His beat is absolutely hard core, left-hook hip hop/rap music, with a smoothly confident essence (I dig the “Soulsville” drop at the beginning, I’ve used that before for an interlude). His drums are now first rate! Perfect swing, time, sound selection. And the sample chops are top notch—not only are they dope, they’re disguised very well, no trace of their source. As I informed DK in the TBC forums, this beat represents his growing confidence and his new assurance in his own beatmaking style, sound, and abilities (the fade of the beat at the end is classic, tells me he knew this beat was dope).

As I’ve said before, the talent coming out of TBC will soon be world-renowned…Our most consistent members are doing what they do best: staying consistent! More importantly, DK’s win represents a major turning point for TBC. DK is a core member who’s been in TBC since early ’08, a foundational period for me. In that time, DK and I have had various exchanges, sometimes very thoughtful, and sometimes perhaps “heated,” but always REAL. And what I’ve always respected about DK is his fearless pursuit to improve his musical understanding and to become a better beatmaker. Thus, DK’s win here serves as a benchmark not just for DK, but for all of us in TBC. It’s direct proof of how our strength is found in the determination and talent of each member of TBC.

Congratulations to DK

Check out DKelloway’s wining beat, “Hitman for Hire,” here.

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