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No Monitors, No Problem; Speakers Do The Trick


Perhaps Not A First Option, But A Pair Of Stereo Speakers Will Get The Job Done

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

For YEARS I used a pair of Technics SB-LX50 stereo speakers as my playback speakers and my mix speakers. I’ve been to many recording studios; moreover, I’ve talked with loads of recording/mix engineers. In my final analysis, the most important thing is how well do you know your listening environment. Everyone’s listening environment (studio, room) is different. Hence, “great” speakers can be misused—or in other words, sound shitty)—, if you don’t really know your particular listening environment.
In fact, the only reason I made the move to self-powered studio monitors was for two main reasons: (1) space—I wanted to free up space in my home studio; and (2) because I removed a Hafler power amp from my setup. (I used the Hafler amp to power my Technics speakers.)

One of the benefits that I gained by using stereo speakers (for at least two years) was a better ear for projected sound. Using stereo speakers taught me how to reconcile my playback sound with the mix sound that I wanted to project; in turn, I was able to develop my own style and sound for pre-mixing my music.

Finally, another perk to using stereo speakers, particularly the used pair that I had, was price! Used stereo speakers are cheap and available at just about any pawn shop or gear shop that sell used electronics and music instruments. The Technics SB-LX50 speakers that I had (pictured above) were only $75 dollars, and man, did they serve me well.

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Amir Said (aka Sa’id) is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of BeatTips. A writer, publisher, and beatmaker/rapper from New York, Said is the author of a number of books, including ‘The BeatTips Manual,’ ‘The Art of Sampling,’ ‘Ghetto Brother,’ and ‘The Truth About New York.’ He is also a recording artist with a number of music projects, including his latest album 'The Best of Times.' Follow him on Twitter at: @amirsaid and @BeatTipsManual

  • “For YEARS I used a pair of Technics SB-LX50 stereo speakers as my playback speakers and my mix speakers.” they looks great!

  • Wow It’s good to know that those speakers served you well. I hope I can find stereo speakers like that