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Phonte Sheds Light on His Role as Producer


Little Brother Vocalist Shares How He Did and Does More than Just Rhyme

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

In group settings, the musical process is always “collective” and organic. So I’m not surprised that Phonte played a role in the end production of Little Brother’s songs. However, due to Phonte’s previous background with making beats, perhaps it would appear that he had a much bigger role than one would expect. In this video, Phonte clears up his “I’m like a Quincy Jones producer; 9th is a beatmaker” statement. Even after watching this video, I’m still not quite sure why Phonte draws the comparison between himself and Quincy Jones, but I’m glad that he makes it clear that his comments weren’t a slight to 9th Wonder. Phonte also briefly touches on his process with beatmaker Nicolay.

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Phonte On 9th Wonder/Nicolay (Video), via

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    Phonte is a good dude. He was always the best. I’ve grown to respect Rapper Big Pooh now that he’s on his own. He would never get any shine behind Phonte because Phonte is just that much better. 9th is a beat maker but he has input too which is why they probably all bumped heads and split. Cant have a tribe with all chiefs and no indians.