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Cormega and Large Professor’s “Journey” Worth Embracing


One of Hip Hop/Rap’s Most Lyrically Committed Also Turns in an Impressive Visual

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

The highest achievement of any artist is to evolve consistently within their own design and parameter. In a time where most veteran rappers are refusing to seriously reflect, it’s very encouraging to see that Cormega is elevating his message. In this direct and rather moving video, Cormega matches the physical imagery of film with the virtual imagery of rhyme.

The “Journey” beatwork is provided by legendary beat vet Large Professor. Featuring a bouncing, boom bap bass line, strings that wind in and fade out, and a haunting vocal sample for the hook, this delicate—yet aggressively moving—moving track is perfect for the highly contemplative and reflective rhyme that Cormega delivers.

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Cormega – “Journey,” beat by Large Professor

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