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BeatTips Pick of the Week: Rhymefest – “Give It To Me;” Video Directed by Konee Rok


Powerful Music and Unflinchingly Moving Images; Hip Hop/Rap Music at its Most Noble State

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

There are moments in history that come and exact such force that you can’t help but to remember them. And revere them. Vividly. And with rebel-like devotion and admiration. That being said, I never get misty-eyed over times gone by. And when it comes to hip hop/rap music, I’m especially calm. Why? Because hip hop/rap music’s most fundamental formula exists. Permanently. Dope music is dope music. A dope rhyme is a dope rhyme. A dope beat is a dope beat. Clearly, Rhymefest gets this.

With his latest release, “Give It To Me,” Rhymefest begs for nothin’. He doesn’t try to merge. He doesn’t try to pony-back ride off of anything. No. He just digs deeper. Inside of himself. Inside of the essence of hip hop/rap music. Inside of that ethos that summons up ferocious social commentary. And true to hip hop form, Rhymefest does it all with style. And in a way that you know he’s battlin’. Battlin’ against whack rappers. Battlin’ against talented rappers who tone-it down. Battlin’ against rappers doing emo music. Battlin’ against beatmakers who perpetually stab at making music that moves away from hip hop/rap music. And what does Rhymefest use to win this battle? Rhymes. Real rhymes. Machete-edged rhymes that cut stone and metal. Chemically-laced rhymes that bleed brilliance and machismo.

Then there’s the video. Director Konee Rok is nothing, if not fantastic. And since Rhymefest has shown me nothing short of a penchant for thought-provoking creativity, I can only assume that he played a pivotal role in the framework of this video. So assumptions considered, these two have produced a visual that is not only fitting for the fist-in-the-mouth rhyme and beat that is “Give It To Me,” it’s also incredibly forward thinking and shrouded in the nature of classic filmmaking ingenuity.

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Rhymefest – “Give It To Me,” video directed by Konee Rok

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