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Hasan Insane’s Beatwork for AC’s “Rae Told Me” Redelivers


Insane Rework of Classic Sample Source

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

Over the pass several years, beatmaker Hasan Insane has built up a catalog of impressive remixes. But AC’s “Rae Told Me” is no remix; at least not in the traditional meaning of the word. Using the very same source material that RZA used for the Wu-Tang Clan classic, “C.R.E.A.M.,” for the primary sample that drives the beat of “Rae Told Me,” Hasan Insane crafts an original joint that’s bold enough to compete with Wu banger from nearly two decades ago. Indeed, coupled with rhyme presence of AC, I find “Rae Told Me” to be a solid joint, for a number of reasons.

(1) The homage factor. Less we forget, hip hop/rap and beatmaking is a competitive sport, so props to Hansan Insane for catching the same source material for C.R.E.A.M., and making it move in a whole new way, but still in homage to the mighty Wu classic. And AC is ever conscious and respectful of the Wu’s first touch on the source material.

(2) The gritty, sly-metaphor, dead-pan New York rhymes. Excellent street material. Impact caliber; for real, I felt this…

(3) The drumwork. Hansan Insane always impresses me with his drumwork; my man NEVER allows his drums to get in the way of the whole composite of the song. The drumwork on this joint makes the sample move, ebb, and swing in an entirely new context from C.R.E.A.M.

(4) Hypothetical impact. What If I never heard C.R.E.A.M. before, how would I rate this beat? Answer: stone motherfuckin’ cold!

*Shout out to fellow TBC member, dk, for putting me on to this new joint.

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AC – “Rae Told Me;” beat by Hasan Insane

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