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Curtis Mayfied’s ‘Super Fly,’ a Digger’s Must Have


Soul Movie Soundtrack and Score Worthy of Any Collection

By Amir Said (Sa’id)

Super Fly, still one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. It has everything: The story, the guerrilla-style cinematography, the characters, the acting, and of course, the soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield. This movie set the bar for film scores done by popular soul artists.

Released in 1972, one year after the cultural classic Shaft, the Super Fly soundtrack and score shows Curtis Mayfield’s band, the Curtis Mayfield Experience, in top form. No rhythm is left unturned; every nook of every groove simmers. The bass parts walk, the drum parts rock steady, and “wah wah” rhythm the guitar pushes the mix into a superb musical stratosphere.

If you haven’t caught this movie yet, “I suggest you do so, or you’ll be stranded just like Robinson Caruso… Sleep if you wanna, go-head, get some shut-eye…” (Master Ace, “The Symphony”)


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    lol, it’s ‘Crusoe’, he weren’t italian !

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    Ha… I know it’s Crusoe.  I was just quoting it the way Master Ace said it on The Symphony.