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One Stop Shop Producer Conference Set for Vegas


Report by Sa’id (Amir Said)

The 4th Annual One Stop Shop Producer Conference (OSSPC) has been announced for 2010, and it appears that this time around team Sha Money XL believes that OSSPC (the most respected of all the producer-/beatmaker-themed music conferences) will benefit from a change of scenery. Indeed, 2010’s conference is set to be held in Las Vegas, NV rather than Phoenix, AZ, the city which has hosted the OSSPC since its inception. I suspect the low hotel rates and the buzz of Vegas was just too much to ignore for OSSPC planners. Moreover, I think that they recognize (wisely) that a host city like Vegas has the potential to double (if not triple) their average attendance.

2010’s OSSPC will tout an awards ceremony as well as expanded panel discussions and, of course, OSSPC’S famed beat battle. Furthermore, of all of the producer-/beatmaker-themed music conferences, OSSPC consistently attracts the largest number of critically acclaimed beatmakers (producers). Hence, I expect OSSPC Vegas to have the largest number of well-known beatmakers (producers) ever assembled under the same roof all at the same time. Finally, there’s no word on how much registration will cost for 2010’s OSSPC, but based on previous OSSPCs, expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $250-$350. No confirmed date has been officially released, but if you intend on attending, consider the fact that previous OSSPC events have been held sometime between March and May.

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Amir Said (aka Sa’id) is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of BeatTips. A writer, publisher, and beatmaker/rapper from New York, Said is the author of a number of books, including ‘The BeatTips Manual,’ ‘The Art of Sampling,’ ‘Ghetto Brother,’ and ‘The Truth About New York.’ He is also a recording artist with a number of music projects, including his latest album 'The Best of Times.' Follow him on Twitter at: @amirsaid and @BeatTipsManual

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