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Gotta Get an Apple Mac G5, So I Keep the Music Going


I’ve worked as long as I can with my G4… These “slow” messages that I keep getting is slowing me down! Everything’s fine, (well, O.K.), when I’m using no more than 11 tracks or so. But once I start adding multiple plug-ins, fa’gettabout-it, the Apple “spinnin’ wheel” pops up, goin’ round and round… This slows down my workflow, and subsequently, my ideas.

Solution: Gotta get an Apple Mac G5!
I used the G5 with previous rig. It was a workhorse, but I retired it when I switched out my entire rig (setup)…. When I got my new rig, which included a brand new Digi 002 audio interface, I copped a Mac G4 off of Craigslist and I was good to go… That is, until I started trying work the G4 like I did my old G5. Hence, I gotta make a power move and get another G5.

Sense the new Mac want be used for anything but my music rig, it doesn’t make sense for me to cop the latest Mac Pro. (I have a Mac Pro which I use for my writing and desktop publishing). Plus, the Digi 002 is only compatible with the G4 or the G5, (Mac OS 10.3 -10.4), so I couldn’t use the Mac Pro without first upgrading to the Digi 003, which I’m not particularly interested in doing.



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